My hammock…


Just me…

… ‘You look so pretty’ she said to me in the Cafe…. I was taken a back, especially since that day, like most days, I’ve not even looked in the mirror, let alone washed my face or fixed my hair. The T-shirt I’ve been wearing for a few days now, it has stains on it I notice and I’m so sweaty. So I don’t feel pretty. I feel sad, angry, bitter, old and tired. And I’m certain that shows on my face. The eye bags, the wrinkles and sagging mouth.

‘You look so pretty’ she said. I wonder what she saw that I can’t seem to.

Dear friend…

… finally I was chilled out enough to just sit and write an old friend a letter.

Have you tried it, letter writing. You know, the good old way, with pen and paper. I think I started about two years ago, come to think of it, maybe even four.

It’s quite tricky to start writing by hand again, and to not expect an immediate response, like with texts or emails. You also don’t have spellcheck!! So my first few letters where a bit scraggly. My handwriting isn’t the best either. I’ve settled for all caps now, hoping my friends will be able to read the letters with more ease.

Today I decided to write to a friends who I used to write letters too, when I was way small. I even still have some of those letters.

And I may even start searching the Internet for someone completely new to write to. There are some sites, that people sign up to if they wanna get letters. OR – light bulb moment – if you’d like to receive a letter from me, message me! Oh, what fun!

Much love, R

In a toddlers world…

…”Daddy, what does sexy mean?”

My eldest cousin keeps using the word, so he was wondering what it meant. Luckily he asked my husband!! Who proceeded to explain the difference between sexy and beauty. Something I wouldn’t have thought of.

Gotta love my sweeties inquisitive nature!

Just me…

… well, I can’t believe I still understand how WordPress works! It’s been a LONG time my friends. WAY too long. Please don’t mind the awkward photos. I’ve literally just wanted to sit and do this, before life takes a hold of me again! So nothing professional. Just simple.

Here’s a wee little post just about me. Cause that’s what I need right now.

I’ve had a tough couple of years now. Still not out of the woods. However, this will be a positive post!!

Running! Today. Me. Yes indeed. 20min. A super slow jogg’, as I am a total novice. A ver unprofessional kind a runner. But, I did it.

What you need for this kind a run? Some good old, run down, trainers.

Some tight ass lycra. (Only cause I’ve gotten to fat to fit them properly!)IMG_7235

A gorgeous dog – helps keep your mind off the actual running bit.IMG_7238

IMG_7236 The lead of course and a drink.

And of course stunning woods!

I did it my friends. 20 min., up and down some hills in wooded area. The trick of course will be to keep doing it. I am determined. I hope. I am. Maybe. Yes. I’ll do it!

Bye for now.


Having a full blown bath in over a year!!!!! I used to have one of these at least once a week, especially in the winter.  But since we’ve moved I’ve just not had one. It was bliss. A bit short lived, but bliss none the less!